Livingroom boosts your results.

No matter if you are Head of the Sales Department, in enterprise HR, or the manager of a clothing store, it can be a challenge to foster an environment where people feel engaged and perform well. Livingroom is a continuous improvement platform, helping identify people challenges as well as delivering the right tailored actions to improve your workplace.

Make better, data-driven decisions.

With Livingroom, you can make informed decisions about people and the organization. Combining HR data with anonymous employee data, Livingroom identifies more than 1100 research-based drivers of engagement and performance, looking into everything from lightening to leadership emotions and customer culture.

No hassle. Keep focusing on your business.

Data gathering can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. We acknowledge that managers as well as employees have busy schedules. With Livingroom, you can keep focusing on your business. Leave survey design, gathering and analysis to us. Everything is automated. We also have dramatically reduced the time needed for employees to answer questions compared with traditional engagement software. Asking dynamic questions, our intelligent algorithm spend two weeks to gather data that otherwise would have taken years.

Employee friendly.

Having doubts about employee monitoring? The effects of a performance culture? You have come to the right place. Livingroom is employee friendly. It gives employees a platform where they can share their opinions, trusting that their data is anonymous and secure. Livingroom is created to benefit employees as well as the employer, providing concrete, tailored actions while balancing the employees need for anonymity.

A comprehensive solution for employee engagement and performance.

Livingroom is based on extensive research. It draws on a wide range of data. Covering everything from survey design to tailored actions, Livingroom is the intelligent and comprehensive solution for employee engagement and performance.

Livingroom fits any business.

Shortlisted as "Top 10 HR Tech Solution Providers in Europe 2018”


Selected to showcase at the Innovation Roundtable Summit 2018

Invited to participate at the Nordic HR Tech Days 2019 in the HR Analytics panel debate


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