A Comprehensive Solution

Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance

Discover how Livingroom works and how it can help you achieve organizational excellence.

Livingroom at the Heart

No matter if you are Head of Sales, HR manager, or the manager of a clothing store, it can be a challenge to foster an environment where people feel engaged and perform well. Livingroom is a continuous improvement platform, helping identify people challenges as well as delivering the right tailored actions to improve your workplace engagement.

How It Works

Gather Data

We combine our powerful surveys with your company’s HR data. Taken together, Livingroom is among the most comprehensive solutions in the market.

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Gain Insight

Through Livingroom, managers can gain insights into the strengths and challenges of their organization. Viewing live results, they can identify strong and weak performance drivers and patterns, and also benchmark across their organization or within their industry.

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Grow Through Actions

Based on statistics and advanced algorithms, Livingroom delivers the right tailored actions to grow your organization. Managers get actions that are tailored to his or her particular team. While specific and data-driven, they are kept simple and do-able.

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