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Livingroom is the new, groundbreaking platform for measuring and improving employee engagement.

Announcing Major Update (Primo 2021)

We are happy to announce a major update of the Livingroom Platform! While still offering our groundbreaking engagement solutions, with our new update we are entering the Employee Experience market.

Employee engagement and performance platform

More Engaging

Our unique employee surveys adjust dynamically while answering, giving it a dialogue feel. Each employee gets their own survey and it never gets boring.

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Deeper Insights

While surveys are quick to answer, Livingroom's groundbreaking approach diagnoses issues among 1700 research-based employee engagement and performance areas. With our platform, you can gain deep insights into everything from lightning to leadership, emotions, and customer culture. Based on our analysis, this allows us to identify challenges 18 times more precisely than any other known solution.

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Employee engagement and performance drivers

Actions that Hit the Mark

The platform offers managers highly specific suggestions and actions for improving employee engagement. This helps in creating a culture of belonging where employees feel included, inspired, and involved.

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"We have tried the Livingroom Employee Engagement Platform and are happy with it. Especially, we got positive feedback from our employees who like the short and user friendly questionnaire. It has given us deep insights into our organization and has been very helpful in prioritizing our efforts when it comes to improving our workplace and employee experience."

Christoffer Bjørk Petersen, Senior HR Development & Recruitment Partner


GDPR Compliance All the Way

Livingroom is at the frontier of secure employee engagement platforms, by following the best-in-breed frameworks and security standards. We ensure GDPR compliance throughout all our processes.

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A  Quality Platform You Can Trust

Livingroom is partnered with DeviQA, one of the best software testing companies in Europe.  Through our collaboration we will work together to ensure that our customers have a seamless experience with our platform.

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