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What does our software do?

Private & Secure

Employees are anonymous. Using industry standards for security. Enterprise security.

Mobile Employee App (coming soon)

Android and iPhone apps for all employees. Designed to benefit the employee. Follow your team and get personalized tips for optimizing your workday.

Intelligent Algorithms

Get smart. Outperform your competitors. Powered by intelligent algorithms. Brings organizational intelligence to your team.

Automated & Customized Surveys

Remove the hassle of performing surveys. Save time and money with automated and intelligent employee surveys. Customize frequency.


Compare your team’s performance against your industry. Monitor your competitors performance on a large number of parameters.

Action Suggestions

Make better decisions. Get intelligent suggestions for actions that are tailored for your team. Choose proven actions that will give better outcomes.

Real-Time Results

Get instant employee insights. Say goodbye to your yearly employee satisfaction survey. Monitor team performance regularly.

Tracking Engagement & Performance

Track engagement and performance in a human-friendly way. Anonymous answers provide more accurate data.

Built On Social Research.

While people data can be tremendously helpful, it is not the end goal. The Livingroom Platform is built around workplace community. It is grounded in 25 years of research within social psychology and social neuroscience, exploring the strong relation between community belonging and people results. Livingroom is purposely designed to boost a thriving and vibrant workplace community, where people feel included, inspired and involved.