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Gain Insight

Through Livingroom, managers can gain insights into the strengths and challenges of their organization.

Employee engagement and performance measurement

Understand Key Drivers  

Dig down and understand the key drivers of engagement and performance in your organization. Used the Drivers page to study your 12 key drivers and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization when it comes to creating a culture where employees feel Included, Inspired and Involved. 

View Results

Livingroom makes it simple for you to see your employee engagement and performance results, by displaying them both individually and jointly, which allows for an easy comparison. You can also choose to look at weekly, monthly, or yearly results or to compare them against your industry’s benchmark.

Employee engagement and performance results
Employee engagement and performance heatmap

Unique Graphical Heatmap 

Our unique, interactive and graphical heatmap is creatively designed to let you explore all relevant performance and engagement drivers in your organizations out of 1100 possible drivers. The color coded and comprehensive display makes it easy to identify the areas in need of improvement.

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