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We combine our powerful employee surveys with your company’s HR data.

employee engagement survey

Dynamic Employee Survey

We believe in addressing the problems on the ground level and therefore, our in-depth surveys are tailored and specifically designed for each of your employees. Forget about repetitiveness. Every question depends on previous answers, making it unique and giving it a dialogue feel.

HR Data

While data from your engagement surveys are good at catching the employee experience, they are very limited. With Livingroom you can power-up these data with the HR data from your HRIS platform - or add it yourself - in a simple an intuitive way. 

HR data integration
Organizational structure

Complex Organizational Structures  

One hurdle with employee surveys, is setting up the company structure with correct departments and reporting. With Livingroom you can easily set up your company structure and confirm it visually with our unique chart feature. We even support the matrix organization with dotted-line reporting and cross-cutting projects.

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